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5 Things to Remember When Transitioning from High School To University

Transitioning from high school to university will probably be one of the biggest changes of your life. You’re probably changing where you live, who you hang out with, and what you study. That being said, you need to trust that everything that you’ve done has directly or indirectly prepared you for this point. Have faith that you’re among great people, and trust that you will be fine, no matter what life throws at you. After having one of the hardest possible transitions to university, I can confidently say that you will find your way, and university will begin to feel like home. With this list of 5 things to remember, the beginning of your post-secondary journey will be as easy as possible.

1. Everyone feels the same way.

Really. Everyone around you is also feeling homesick, no matter how big the smile that they seem to be sporting. Something that I’ve learned is that people are really good at faking being okay, but in reality, everyone is texting their parents at least 5 times a day to figure out how to do laundry or what to do if your kettle won’t turn on. It happens, but no one talks about it.

2. Take Time for Yourself.

The first weeks of school are very busy – everyone wants to make friends, and no one wants to miss out on anything going on. That being said, those weeks are exhausting. And so, take time for yourself. Just an hour of reading a book or watching a T.V. show alone will make you feel so much more grounded, and will be a break from the hustle-and-bustle around you.

3. Be Patient.

Just as though we’ve been taught to be kind to others, be kind to yourself. Everyone settles in at different paces, and embrace the uncertainty that surrounds you. Don’t be frustrated if you’re not as energetic as you were at home, or don’t always feel like going out with your friends – the entire process of transitioning to university is tiring, and you need to be patient with yourself. One day, university will feel like home, and it’s going to be the best moment ever.

4. There’s Always Someone to Help

If you’re at all feeling overwhelmed, there are numerous resources on and off campus to help:

  • The Peer Support Centre in the JDUC

  • Student Wellness Services at the LaSalle Building

  • Kids Help Phone: ‎1-800-668-6868

  • Residence Dons and Facilitators

5. Think Positively

Just remember – what’s the best thing that can happen?

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