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Surviving Midterm/Final Season 101

First year is full of ups and downs and midterms are hardly a highlight of your semester. You do want to try your best and finals specifically can have a big impact on your final grades so doing well is crucial to your success. In the commerce program, you have 5 midterms during the span of 4 days and finals are more spread out, however instead of panicking and over stressing, here are tips to help you survive your midterm exams.

1. Plan ahead and get organized

Set aside a time and place for you to study for each of your exams. Don't procrastinate and get distracted, you need to stick to your detailed planned study schedule and focus on one exam at a time.

2. Eat right and sleep tight

Avoid junk food and concentrate on eating a balanced diet. Get plenty of sleep or else you will be going to your exam exhausted and tired because

you stayed up the night before.

3. Reach out to your professors

They are there to help you, therefore use them as a resource. Making an appointment with one or more of your professors can help and will help you clarify concepts and ensure your success on exams.

4. Schedule Study Time

Create a study schedule by looking at your calendar and determining how many days you have prior to your midterm. Write the time of each exam and plan how much time you can set aside to studying for each course.

5. Schedule Breaks

Taking 5 to 10 minute breaks every hour will help you cope with excess tension and stress before and between exams. Take a walk or go to the gym to clear your head. It is an excellent way to release nervous energy and maintain your strength for the duration of your exam period.

6. Meet up with your classmates

Set aside some time to meet up with your classmates. You can review and compare notes, discuss previous quizzes and tests. You can benefit from sharing your strengths. Remember, two heads are better than one. Plus it breaks the monotony of studying by yourself and getting frustrated.

I hope these tips will help you succeed with your midterm and final exams. When the exams are over, take a break, reflect on the study habits you established and come back ready to finish the semester with renewed energy. Believe in yourself and you can do anything you decide to put your mind to!

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