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POP the Bubble: There's More than Just ComSoc

ComSoc, otherwise known as the Commerce Society is the holy grail of all things extracurricular. If you were a fanatic for involvement at your high school, you will “absolutely die” at the wealth of opportunities ComSoc has to offer. However, this isn’t the only way to get involved here at Queen’s. Some highly underrated and alternatively unique opportunities exist if you are open to exploring outside the Commerce bubble. To name a few:

  1. AMS Community

The AMS is home to more than 200 club opportunities. If your school had a local chapter of just about any charitable organization, Queen’s likely has one too. More reason to explore this, AMS organizations comprise students from all faculty affiliations. You will find yourself with a bigger network than any of your “commie” friends and some new perspectives to share. Check out the AMS directory for more information about the incredible opportunities.

  1. Volunteering at Local Charities

Giving back to the local community is perhaps one of the most rewarding ways to get involved while at Queen’s. Charities in Kingston are always welcoming students into their volunteer community. If this sounds like you, community program, Martha’s Table offers an excellent opportunity to volunteer. The organization provides a “caring place where people in need can have a nutritious meal and find the social support of a community of friends and volunteers. ” Volunteers can drop-in from Monday to Friday between 9:30am and 3pm to assist with meal prep and interact with community members.

  1. Starting an Entrepreneurial Venture

Finally, Queen’s is an incubator for bright ideas. Innovators on campus have built highly successful businesses, at the same time benefitting the student community. Past QLEAD sponsor, Rooted Foods is an excellent example of a thriving entrepreneurial venture here at Queen’s. The social business embraces the farm to table concept, delivering locally grown goods to students at home. If you have ever considered pursuing entrepreneurship, Queen’s is a great place to bring your idea to market.

Whatever your interests, and aspirations, Queen’s has an opportunity for you. Do not find yourself constrained by the activities offered strictly within ComSoc. Outside the bubble, there is a broader community to engage with that will welcome you with new challenges and opportunities. Allow these experiences to shape your future, whatever shape that may be.

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