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For the LOVE of GOODES

You could ask any commie and they will tell you that one of the greatest things about the Commerce program is our stunning building that has become our second home! From the unparalleled spirit to the countless resources, Goodes Hall is filled with life and hidden gems. Trust me, Goodes offers far more than just i small class sizes and private study rooms. Here are just a few of the things that I love about Goodes…

1. THE CONSTANT BUZZ Doesn’t matter what day it is… something is going on in Goodes. Between conferences, taster events, recruitment sessions, and so much more, Goodes is constantly buzzing with life. Walking into the atrium doors you will almost certainly find booths set up promoting the many upcoming events (watch out for free food!) or suited up students networking with industry reps. It’s a great way to keep in touch with everything exciting that’s going on!

2. FAMILIAR FACES Commerce may have almost 2000 people, but it feels much smaller than that. With every business class in this building and countless study spots, you’ll constantly be running into the same faces and find a friend around every corner. It feels comforting to be surrounded by a ton of familiar faces (and offers a perfect procrastination break from studying to just walk down the hall and run into people you know!).

3. RESPECT Commies have huge respect for this building. Garbage and vandalism is never in sight. If you ever forget something in the building, 9/10 times it’ll turn up at the front desk.

4. HEAD SHOTS Creep almost every commie on Facebook or LinkedIn, and there’s a 90% chance you’ll see the same photo; a professional, suited up student, looking fly, standing somewhere in Goodes. We’ve graduated from the infamous “flag pic” (above the atrium) a few years back to everywhere around Goodes. FYI: best lighting is beside the exchange office on the second floor or outside the commons at 7:30 am.

5. STUDY HALL You’ll find soon enough that it is incredibly difficult to find a study spot during exam season. The libraries and breakout rooms are packed at pretty much all hours of the day. However, the BCC (Business Career Centre) has got your back, and almost everyday during midterms and exams they run a “study hall” - a silent classroom designated for commerce students to study with free coffee, tea and snacks!

6. FASHION You can wear whatever you want to class, but with the amount of conferences, presentations, interviews, and events, you’ll be surrounded by people dressed to the T. It’s a great way to get some style inspiration, and you’ll never stand out if you want to dress up for no particular reason.

7. UNDERGROUND RES TUNNEL Escape Kingston winters and rain with the underground parking lot, connecting Goodes Hall to Victoria Hall. Even though it’s less than a 10 minute walk altogether, trust me, you’ll want to stay inside as long as you can when winter hits.

8. FOOD Of my favourite things, of course food had to be on the list! Not only is there a Starbucks in the building, but Goodes Café also offers cheaper options of pastries, drinks, soup, sandwiches and salads (and takes meal cards/flex!). As previously mentioned, the atrium is always filled with booths, many of them offering free food as an incentive to talk to them. Watch out for Business Career Centre booths, they have a popcorn machine!

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