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Next Steps for University

Have you been accepted to Queen’s? If your answered yes to the last question, congratulations! Now, are you lost and confused as to what your next steps are now that you’re in? If you answered yes to that question too, have no fear, QLEAD is here to help guide you along the way! If you’ve made your decision and decided to spend the next four years in Kingston, these are the steps for you to follow:


Accept your Queen’s offer on SOLUS (seems obvious, but some people get so caught up in all the excitement they forget to do this!). To do so, visit this link and select the link to SOLUS.


Verify that you have completed all items in the To Do List located on SOLUS. You can access SOLUS with your Net ID and password from the “Search and Sign In” button in the top right hand corner of


Decide what style rooms you want to request. This is where it starts to get exciting! You have a variety of different room options as well as the choice to choose a roommate (if you are thinking of living with a friend from home!). The room options are as follows:

  • Single Plus – You will share a washroom with one other person, have a double bed (and maybe even a T.V.!), and be in one of the newer residence buildings (specifically Watts, Leggett, or Brant)

  • Single

  • Single (Gender Specific Floor) – You will be on a floor with only the gender that you identify with.

  • Double – You can mutually request a double with someone else and you will likely be placed in a room with that person (just make sure that both of you are on the same page and prepared to spend eight months together! If so, this option can be a lot of fun).

  • Double (Gender Specific Floor)

  • Economy Double – a double in a single sized room (We would suggest this option if you are looking to save money and are confident in your ability to share a small space)

  • Triple


Residence applications must be submitted by June 8th to guarantee a spot, and are submitted through the Queen’s University Student Housing Gateway. Rooms are given on a lottery based system, so keep in mind that it is not first come, first serve. The residence applications are a five step process, which include the payment of a residence deposit.


Consider attending SOAR (Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources) during the summer. This program aims to ease your transition from high school to university and gives you the opportunity to learn about the various academic and non-academic resources including meeting upper year students, accessibility specialists and others.

When is SOAR?

  • Commerce: July 14th or 15th

  • Arts & Science: July 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th

  • Nursing: July 14th

  • Engineering: July 14th or 15th

  • BISC: July 7th or 8th


Congrats again for getting in, we know that you have worked hard for this opportunity! Get hyped for the next new and exciting chapter of your life and four amazing years!

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