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We realize that high-school students are entering into a future that is increasingly competitive, whether it is regarding post-secondary education or their full-time careers. The Queen's Leadership, Excellence and Development (QLEAD) Conference provides high school students from across Canada with the opportunity to experience three days at one of Canada's most prestigious universities and programs, the Smith School of Business.

The conference provides students with an in-depth experience of the business world through a multitude of activities, including workshops, a speaker series, and a case competition. Throughout the weekend, students will learn to improve their communication, teamwork skills, and presentation capabilities, all while working with some of the brightest young minds from across the country.

QLEAD is part of the Commerce Society, the student-run society within the Commerce program, which prides itself on professionalism. Our conference ensures a safe and respectful environment to allow all of our delegates to thrive in the best way possible.


Finally, the price of the conference covers speaker and workshop expenses. General bursaries for delegates will also be available on a per-needs-basis. Applications for bursaries will be posted with the conference delegate application in the fall.

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact us at The QLEAD co-chairs, Ben Nolfi and Katie McAvoy, or the members of the Delegates team, Lexi Marichetti, Anika Tasneem, and Diego Chavarria are happy to answer all of your questions. 

We hope to see your child at QLEAD 2023!


“After my daughter attended the QLEAD conference, I was very impressed in the way in which she began to carry herself as a leader. She had a new understanding of those around her and became a very good listener. Now a Queen's Commerce student, I see how QLEAD served as the start point for my daughter's professional journey."

-Tammy, QLEAD 2017 Parent


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The Queen's Leadership, Excellence and Development (QLEAD) Conference gives students the ability to gain valuable insight on Queen's University, the Smith School of Business, and the Commerce program. Through a packed weekend of workshops, speakers, and case competitions, students will progress their skills and abilities in leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, and more.


We seek delegates who have an entrepreneurial drive, are creative, can think outside of the box, have a desire to learn and develop their personal skill set, and are leaders in their schools and communities.


QLEAD welcomes support by educators through identifying suitable candidates and encouraging students to apply for the conference.


If you'd like more information on the conference or the application process, feel free to contact our delegates team via email at

We hope to see your students at QLEAD 2023!

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