Conference Attendance

Top 3 teams will receive automatic entrance to the QLEAD conference.

Start Up Cash Prize

Winning team will receive a cash prize to be put towards the start up of their business.

Business Partnership

Winning team will receive consultation from a successful entrepreneur to help with the launch of their idea.



The first round will consist of a business report and a creative video component.

Business Report: The report is where your comprehensive business plan will be outlined.  This will allow you to communicate your innovate idea as well as how it will be feasibly executed.

Video Component: The video component is your opportunity to let your creativity shine through.  It is intended for supplemental information that cannot be communicated through the business report.  We encourage you to differentiate your idea through this avenue, form prototypes to live examples of where your product or service is needed.  All presentation styles are welcome.

First round submissions open in the beginning of June 2019 and close in September 2019.


Successful first round individuals and/or groups will then progress to the final round.  Finalists will get an automatic invitation to the QLEAD Conference.

Final Round: The final round will take your business plan to the next level, consisting of a presentation that will be presented at the QLEAD Conference.

The Presentation: Final presentations will include both a verbal and visual component.  It will be a 5-10 minute presentation followed by a 3 minute Q&A period.  The verbal presentation will be supported by a powerpoint or media display of your choice.

Finalists will be presenting in front of a panel of judges who will score the presentations based on a rubric.  Judges will then have a debrief session, after which the placings will be announced.

The presentation is an opportunity to showcase your idea to experienced entrepreneurs and fellow QLEAD delegates and compete for a chance to win!


JUNE 3, 2019 

QYEC Application Launched

OCTOBER 4, 2019

First Round Submissions Due

OCTOBER 14, 2019 

Finalists Announced

NOVEMBER 14-17, 2019

Conference & Final Presentations

Applications Now Closed | Good Luck Contestants!

Goodes Hall

143 Union Street,

Kingston, ON K7L 3N6


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