To all the grade 12 students that are interested in coming to Queen’s or have already been accepted: The Queen’s Leadership Excellence and Development Conference (QLEAD) Executive Team has compiled a series of blog posts to help get you stoked, and also prepared for university. We have discussed our biggest question marks coming into university, and these posts intend on bringing you the answers to these pressing questions! If you have any questions you'd like tackled, let us know at information@qleadofficial.com!

Best Study Spots at Queen's

When it comes to exam season, having the ideal study spot can make a huge difference. Everyone enjoys learning and studying in different environments, and Queen’s offers a plethora of options for every type of student. Sometimes changing up study locations helps with motivation and productivity, so here are some of the best study spots at Queen’s! Goodes Hall – Our home Goodes is the classic study spot for any Commie. The commerce capital has a large variety of study spots within the building, including the social Commons area, a quiet, library-like Goodes Café and of course breakout rooms. There are dozens of breakout rooms throughout the building equipped with TV’s and whiteboards, providi


One of the unique things about the Commerce program is that in your first year of classes, you will have no say over what courses you are enrolled in. Seeing as commerce is a degree with a number of potential pathways for students to take, the first-year curriculum is focused on giving students a taste of all aspects of business and to allow them to develop important quantitative and qualitative skills that will be helpful down the road. However, it may seem at times as though being in this program involves living inside of a “bubble”. The upper year curriculum is designed to work around this, as beginning in second year you will be given a chance to take elective courses from Arts and Scien

Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin

At Queen’s, there is always so much going on around you – from ComSoc execs to AMS committees, your daily class work to spending time with friends, or Varsity athletics to intramurals – you will never have a shortage of things to do. There are going to be so many different opportunities to get involved with that you may not know how to choose! However, here are some of my top tips when it comes to getting involved: Do your research and choose only what you are truly and most passionate about Keep a realistic and enjoyable balance between academics and a social life Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin! Although you may want to try out everything, you also want to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

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