To all the grade 12 students that are interested in coming to Queen’s or have already been accepted: The Queen’s Leadership Excellence and Development Conference (QLEAD) Executive Team has compiled a series of blog posts to help get you stoked, and also prepared for university. We have discussed our biggest question marks coming into university, and these posts intend on bringing you the answers to these pressing questions! If you have any questions you'd like tackled, let us know at information@qleadofficial.com!


The transition between high school and university can be daunting – and scary. You could be living alone in a new town and attending classes in a different setting. But one thing that shouldn’t scare you are the professors at the Smith School of Business. From my experience here, I can confidently say that my interactions with professors have been overwhelmingly positive. When I don’t understand a new concept, or even if life away from home becomes too difficult, I know I can count on the support of the professors here to help me get through. Here are three common myths about professors, and what you can actually expect at the Smith School of Business: Myth #1: PROFESSORS ARE UNAPPROACHABLE.

14 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Kingston

1. JUMP OFF THE PIER INTO LAKE ONTARIO Take advantage of Lake Ontario before the Kingston cold quickly approaches. Or, muster up the confidence and try a polar bear dip in November… We aren’t judging!) 2. TAKE A HIKE AT ROCK DUNDER The view speaks for itself. 3. TAKE A BREAK AND STUDY BY THE LAKE AT THE ISABEL BADER CENTRE This beautiful building (and the even more spectacular view) makes studying slightly more bearable. 4. GO SEE THE LUMINAS BOREALIS This interactive winter night walk through Kingston’s historic Fort Henry will wow you! The view of Kingston from Fort Henry also isn’t awful… ​ 5. TAKE A FERRY TO WOLFE ISLAND Roughly a one hour retreat from Kingston, Wolfe Island is a great w

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We recognize that Queen’s University is situated on Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory.

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